Minimalist Wallet

$50.00 Coming Soon

We didn't invent the first vertical card wallet, but this is our version of what we'd like for it to be.

Here's a card wallet you'll fall fast in love with and then just as quickly forget about. Its slender, vertical design makes it easy to carry in either your front or back pocket, making it a great option for the person looking to carry a little less in their life. The V2 Minimalist Wallet is slightly taller than this version and includes a flap.

*Please allow 1-2 weeks production time each item is made to order*

About the Wallet:
• A true minimalist wallet, this wallet is designed to carry up to 6 cards and some folded cash
• Made from a single piece of Leather
• Featuring a front and back for your frequently used cards and cash and center pocket for carrying the rest.