Minimal Anchor Strap

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A great camera strap option for those that prefer a more minimal carry, yet all the flexibility of the quick-release Anchor Strap. This strap is 3/4" all the way through, and is made the same way as the Anchor Camera strap, just without the neckpiece.

Each strap starts with high-quality full-grain leather, which is tanned in the USA. We use leathers with a medium temper that ensure comfort on first use with a “broken-in” feel.

Anchor System
A key part of the system is the ability to easily swap the strap between cameras when using an extra set of anchors. You can also remove the strap any time you are using a tripod, in case you are wanting to remove any clutter.

The “anchors” are designed to connect to any camera easily, using solid brass hardware and 300lb Kevlar cord. They quickly attach to the main part of the strap with the brass snaps.

• Designed to mount to most camera systems
• High-quality Full-grain Leather
• Nickel Finish - Solid Brass Swivel Anchor Clips
• 300lb tensile strength Kevlar cord

Please Include Strap Length In Comment At Checkout.
Straps can be made between 34"-54" (40" is the most popular length).