Anchor Camera Strap w/ Peak Design AL


As a former wedding photographer, I was always on the hunt for classy yet functional camera gear. Most of the innovative straps out there were either too bulky or made from materials I didn’t care for. So I decided to develop a camera strap I liked using from reliable materials and aimed to match both the legacy and modern shooter’s needs.

Each strap starts with high-quality full-grain leather, which is tanned in the USA. We use leathers with a medium temper that ensure comfort on first use with a “broken-in” feel.

Peak Design Anchors
For this camera strap we're using hardware from Peak Design, how has a long history in innovative quick-release products. This is a great choice for someone interested in other Peak Design products, or someone already invested in their ecosystem.

• Designed to mount to most camera systems
• High-quality Full-grain Leather
• Peak Design Anchor Links

Please Include Strap Length In Comment At Checkout.
Straps can be made between 34"-54" (40" is the most popular length).